Zuma Housing offers airport transfer to tenants who are coming to Los Angeles from abroad. LAX is a very busy airport and can be very overwhelming! If you choose, we can have a driver can meet you at the airport and help get you to your apartment safe and sound.

Through Zuma Airport Transfer, a driver will pick you up at LAX and help you to carry your luggage. Then they will take you to the Zuma Housing office where you can make the lease agreement. From there, we give you your keys, and the driver will then take you to your new apartment! If you are arriving after business hours, we give the keys to the driver and they will take you straight to your new home.

To arrange airport transfer, you must supply us with the date and time of your arrival as well as your flight number. We will give you the driver’s phone number so you can contact the driver upon arrival. The driver will wait 90 minutes after the flight arrives for you, unless we receive a call from you.

Please let us know if you are interested in this service!